Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are your racks made?

A: Our racks are manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Q: Can I use these products indoors and outdoors?

A: Yes, beyond a doubt. Our clothes drying racks are especially designed to accommodate even a small room or balcony and will just as easily handle an outdoor porch, patio, or deck.

Q: Can I use this product even in a very small apartment?

A:This product is IDEAL for limited space! Just imagine being able to quickly air dry up to eighteen (18) large bath-size towels in less than a 2 x 6 foot area of your laundry room, bathroom, kitchen or wherever else you might want to place it around your house, apartment or mobile home.

How about being able to hang up to 16 pairs of pants and 16 shirts/blouses.....all in that little 2 x 6 space. These drying racks are nothing short of incredible!

Q: Will the weather bother the drying rack?

A: No, all models are designed for maximum protection from the elements by a powdered/epoxy coated finish that is especially designed to be highly resistant to rust and corrosion for years of use. Unlike wooden clothes drying racks, our models will not develop mildew in humid conditions.

Q: Can my children use these products?

A: No, these clothes drying racks are not recommended for use by children.

Q: Can I use this drying rack from my wheelchair?

A: Yes. With the platform 36 inches off the floor, there is no problem working from a seated position.

Q: What if I need to hang longer garments, will these dryers accommodate such items?

A: Yes, unquestionably. For instance, for pants with a long inseam (legs) it is a simple matter of hanging the garment by the legs, overlapping the leg on the cross wire until needed clearance from ground or floor is gained. Please refer to the instruction sheet that comes with your drying rack for complete instructions on drying longer items.

Q: Will these drying racks save as much money as suggested in the ad?

A: Yes they will. By cutting back on the use of their electric dryers, users have seen savings on their electric bill of up to 38%.

Q: Is there any assembly required?

A: Absolutely not! Simple take it out of the box, take a few seconds to pop on the four little anti-skid units to the feet, set it up and you're ready to go!

Q: I expected the wires to be completely rigid, but instead they have quite a bit of play in them. Is this normal?

A: Yes, this is by design. If the wires were not flexible it would be quite difficult to work the laundry items up and down through them.