The Ultimate Design In Clothes Drying Racks

65-Foot Eagle Clothes Drying Rack
65-Foot Eagle Clothes Drying Rack
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Product Description

65-Foot Eagle Clothes Drying Rack
   The ultimate design in clothes drying racks is here! This extraordinary clothes drying rack will hold 3-4 full wash loads. It's designed to quickly air dry your towels, bed sheets, sweaters, or just about anything else that you typically wash and dry. It's the perfect answer for air drying your expensive hand-washables, silks, cottons and other delicate items that you don't dare put in a driven power dryer.

   In fact, now you can air dry your entire family wash with one easy application. This laundry drying rack completely eliminates your dependence on electric and gas powered clothes dryers, bringing you considerable savings on your month to month utility bills.

   The 65 Ft Eagle delivers more holding space and outright versatility than anything else of its kind. In one single application, this remarkable drying rack will hold 16 pairs of pants and 16 shirts or blouses.

   With all of that holding space, this amazing drying rack takes up no more than a small 2x6 foot area of your home or apartment. When you are finished with it, the Eagle folds down to 2 inches flat for easy storage.

   For drip-dry applications, the 65 Ft Eagle is designed to easily fit in any standard size bath tub. The width of the Eagle is perfectly suited for fitting inside the tub and once in, the two wing units will rest up against the ends of the tub or shower stall. You then have the entire center frame of the Eagle from which to hang, or lay your wet items on. The center frame gives you 33 linear feet of hanging/drying space. Using clothes pins, that is enough space to hang 8 blouses. Or, if you are laying out sweaters flat to dry, enough space for two medium size sweaters.

   Then, in addition to the items you have drying on the center frame, you can still also hang a host of other smaller items such as panties, bras, stockings or socks on the two wings that are resting up against the sides of the stalls. Due to the unique design of the 65 Ft Eagle, all your items will then dry in the shortest and quickest time possible for any known air drying apparatus.

   Speaking of drying time, are you one of the great many people who find themselves fed up with some other styles of clothes drying racks where you have to pile your wet laundry items on, one on top of the other, so that things seem to take forever to really dry? When wet clothes are hung out to dry, the moisture evaporates vertically (straight up). That means that when wet items are piled on top of each other, the drying process is then greatly diminished. The Eagle is designed to let air pass up through and in between all your laundry items, greatly speeding the drying process.

   Do you live in one of the many sub-divisions or other housing areas that don't permit outside clothes lines? You can use your Eagle drying rack on your balcony, deck or patio.....garage, bathroom, bedroom, living room, college dorm..... you name it. Yet, it will hold as many items as some of the old 'out in the yard' umbrella type drying racks.

   Though the cost of gas has stabilized, the cost of electricity is still going up, and with any excuse, energy costs will surely go right back over the top. With that in mind, a great many people are wisely looking for ways to cut back on their monthly utility bill. Well, this is the answer. Depending on how often and how long you typically run your electric dryer, this clothes drying rack can save you anywhere from $500 to $1,500 a year (See "Did You Know" in the index).

Outside of everyday home use, just think of how much time and money this dryer will save college students (and their parents!) in 4 years time.

The Eagle:
   -Is a step in taking back our independence from foreign oil.
   -Gives you the ability to quickly air dry your entire wash.
   -Saves you time in waiting for the power dryer to finish.
   -Adds greatly to the life and colors of your clothes.
   -Reduces your carbon footprint (Global Warming).
   -Delivers Huge Savings on your electric bill.
   -Saves you both time and money.

This Drying Rack Is Ideal For:
   * Home Laundry Rooms
   * Swimming Pools
   * College Dorms
   * Condominiums
   * Mobile Homes
   * Apartments
   * Camping
   * RVs

Eagle Dimensions

1. Holding Capacity: 65 ft
2. Footprint: 1.5 x 2 ft
3. Maximum Load: 90 lbs
4. Working Load: 75 lbs
5. Net Weight: 8 lbs
6. Shipping weight: 10 lbs
7. Coating: Powder coated steel
8. Construction: Steel tubing & Steel wire
9. Color: White top w/ Blue legs
10. Dimensions folded:
  a) Thickness: 2 in
  b) Length: 4 ft 3 in
  c) Width: 1ft 10 in
11. Dimensions unfolded:
  a) Height: 3 ft 11 in
  b) Length: 6 ft 4.5 in
  c) Width: 1 ft 10 in
  d) Platform Height: 3 ft