33 Ft. LaundryMate Clothes Drying Rack

33 Ft. LaundryMate Clothes Drying Rack
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Product Description

Like Eagle clothes drying rack, the 33 Ft. LaundryMate is a beautifully crafted item; and are built with the highest quality construction. It delivers a full 33 feet of hanging (drying) space, yet collapses to 1 inch flat for easy storage.

This clothes drying rack works well in virtually any size bathroom, laundry room, attic, or basement. It's what you've been looking for to air dry those large bath size towels, instead of having them run your electric bill through the roof while taking forever to dry in the eclectic dryer.

Quickly air dry up to ten (10) large bath size towels in less than a 3 1/2 x 2 foot area of your laundry room, bath room, kitchen or wherever else you might want to place it around your house or apartment.

Need to dip dry a sweater or other items of wash? Simply sit the entire Laundrymate into your bath tub; it will fit with ease.

Also great for drying blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, pants, children clothes, baby diapers, etc.

LaundryMate Dimensions

1. Holding Capacity: 33 ft

2. Footprint: 1.5 x 2 ft.

3. Maximum Load: 50 lbs

4. Working Load: 50 lbs

5. Net Weight: 6 lbs

6. Gross weight: 8 lbs

7. Coating: Epoxy coated steel

8. Construction: Steel tubing & Steel wire

9. Color: White w/ Blue legs

9. Use indoors/outdoors: Yes

10. Dimensions folded:

a) Thickness: 1 in

b) Length: 3 ft 6 in

c) Width: 1 ft 10 in

11. Dimensions unfolded:

a) Height: 3 ft

b) Length: 3 ft 6 in

c) Width: 1 ft 10 in

A Great Item For:

* Condominiums

* Apartments

* Home Laundry Rooms

* Mobile Homes

* Swimming Pools

* RVs

* Camping

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